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Another chapter in the sad and frightening LGBT history in Russia. After the complaint that anti-gay groups were persecuting and homosexuals in the country, Italian website has gathered some Youtube videos showing this neo-Nazi action. The images are strong and show young people humiliated in public places and closed, where gays are drawn and undergo tortura.Un sessions extremist group member who does not mind exposing is Kazakh Denis. In a Russian social network, gay advocates conversion through psychological , post photos, text and videos of their anti-human. Your goal is to rescue from the hands of homosexuals, as if homosexuality was . Scenes are not any gay can move to imagine that situation.I think every one from his place, you can do something to change this situation, of...

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    Unte mi cola con aceite y comence a jugar. Meti un poco de coca y...

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    encontre mi caja de herramientas. algun voluntario que quiera hacerme...

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